The fresh conclusion off regional symbols will likely be contrasted with this regarding

The fresh conclusion off regional symbols will likely be contrasted with this regarding

It how to delete aisle account general thought of entailment talks about both basic-order reason plus the low-monotonic logics that underlie of many signal-dependent languages; they runs the thought of entailment discussed for the [Shoham87] toward matter-of multi-respected logics.

Note that one consequence of the multi-document semantics is that local constants specified in one document cannot be queried from another document. For instance, if one document, ?', has the fact ""^^rif:iri("abc"^^rif:regional) while another document formula, ?, imports ?' and has the rule ""^^rif:iri(?X) :- ""^^rif:iri(?X) , then ? |= ""^^rif:iri("abc"^^rif:local) does not hold. This is because the symbol "abc"^^rif:local in ?' and ? is treated as different constants due to the process of renaming apart that takes place prior to truth valuation.

4 XML Serialization Framework

  • good normative mapping throughout the RIF-FLD presentation syntax so you’re able to XML (Point Mapping throughout the RIF-FLD Speech Sentence structure into the XML Syntax), and you may
  • a normative XML Schema to your XML syntax (Appendix XML Schema having FLD).

Since informed me regarding the evaluation area, the style of RIF envisions that the presentation syntaxes from upcoming reasoning RIF dialects would-be specializations of your presentation sentence structure from RIF-FLD. As a result the really-designed algorithm on demonstration sentence structure from a standard reasoning RIF dialect should also end up being better-shaped inside the an expertise off RIF-FLD, which includes actualizing the new RIF-FLD extension points (see analysis part). The intention of this new XML serialization construction is to provide an effective similar yardstick on RIF XML sentence structure. It numbers on needs you to definitely people admissible XML file for a reasoning RIF dialect must also be an admissible XML document for a specialized RIF-FLD (admissibility is scheduled less than). In terms of the presentation-to-XML syntax mappings, this means that each mapping getting a logic RIF dialect must feel a restriction of relevant mapping for RIF-FLD. For-instance, brand new mapping regarding the demonstration syntax regarding RIF-BLD so you can XML during the [RIF-BLD] are a restriction of your presentation-syntax-to-XML mapping getting RIF-FLD. Such as this, RIF-FLD brings a build to have extensibility and you can common being compatible between XML syntaxes out of RIF languages.

Recall the sentence structure of RIF-FLD is not perspective-free and thus can not be completely grabbed from the EBNF or XML Schema. However, authenticity with respect to XML Outline should be a helpful try. In order to mirror this situation, i explain several notions away from syntactic correctness. The new weakened insight monitors correctness only with respect to help you XML Schema, since the more strict belief is short for “true” syntactic correctness.

In the event that a dialect, D, focuses RIF-FLD upcoming their XML outline should be an expertise of the XML outline of RIF-FLD. This consists of elimination of particular issues and you will properties, limitation of your XML variety of the others, and you can replacement for of the expansion items having compatible real elements of the required (maybe restricted) items. ?

Definition (Valid XML document in RIF-FLD). A valid RIF-FLD document in the XML syntax is an XML document that is valid with respect to the XML schema in Appendix XML Schema for RIF-FLD, where the extension points NEWCONNECTIVE, NEWQUANTIFIER, NEWAGGRFUNC, and NEWTERM are specialized as concrete elements of the types prescribed by the RIF-FLD XML schema.

Definition (Specialization of RIF-FLD outline so you’re able to a good dialect schema)

In the event the an effective dialect, D, specializes RIF-FLD then a valid XML file inside the dialect D is certainly one that’s legitimate depending on the formal XML outline off D. ?

Definition (Admissible XML document in a logic dialect). An admissible RIF-FLD document in the XML syntax is a valid FLD document in that syntax that is the image of a well-formed RIF-FLD document in the presentation syntax (see Definition Well-formed formula) under the presentation-to-XML syntax mapping ?fld defined in Section Mapping from the RIF-FLD Presentation Syntax to the XML Syntax.

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